My name is Mike Colt and some of you may know me from Venice Beach California.
Outsider art concepts are those ideas, actions, artwork, music and all means of expression that are beyond the "mainstream". I paint what could be considered to be "outsider art". Not because I am out of the mainstream, but because I am self-taught and paint whatever. Some of the work I do may not make sense to some people, but that is the nature of outsider art. My intentions are always harmless and meant to be fun as well as pleasing to the eye. I hope I can always achieve this goal in your eyes. This site has some typical type scenes that most artist would paint and I like to paint this type of work. But the style that is most identifiable with myself would have to be the tribal-like images like the one that appears on this page. For some reason I like these images the most and have painted many different pieces with this theme. This site allows you to tour pictures by category. Just click on the tour button on your left. From that page you will be able to jump around to other categories (musical, tribal, Jazz, african, seascape, original, sensual) by clicking on the list to your right. Thanks for stopping by my web site and I hope you enjoy the bright colors of acrylic on canvas. Some originals were created in: pastel, oil, acrylic, airbrush and other media. I plan to continue adding new features to this site so please bookmark this page. If you are an artist yourself please go to my links page to submit your site. Thanks
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